Jacob Greenberg

Sunday, March 15, 2009

i'm happy that

...Music at Close Range is now an official registered trademark with the U.S. Patents' Office.

After a week with ICE of playing and recording music by the remarkable Arlene Sierra, it's now all about Ives. I'm doing the Concord Sonata, a piece which was partly the subject of my dissertation at Northwestern, for the first time complete in a few weeks: first at a Close Range concert, and then at the Bloomingdale School on the upper west side. I'm delighted to find that the music has never really left me. Playing the Emerson movement a few years ago in Buffalo was such an indelible experience, as was playing the other movements individually, especially doing "Thoreau" with my friend Elizabeth Ostling in Boston. The entire sonata is such an incredible journey, a rite of meditation, and a milestone of experimental musical thought.