Jacob Greenberg

Thursday, February 14, 2008

back in the saddle again

There's an enormous amount to do before the end of the month, and things are just warming up. Mostly I'm preparing for events in March, but there is one more Close Range concert at the end of February: Haydn, Chopin, Takemitsu, and Schubert, a real grab bag. But all pieces that I love, some of which I've played for a long time.

Also, editing for the new ICE disc, a general sorting-out of my schedule for the rest of the spring, and hopefully, some composing too. The dozen or so projects which, up to now, have only been in my head have to bust out sometime onto staff paper.

I was inspired during my brief time in San Francisco last week by the Schoenberg second string quartet, and its ecstatic, transporting finale with soprano: "Ich fuehle Luft von anderen Planeten"--I feel the air of other planets. Not coincidentally, my asthma lifted as soon I as got to the west coast. Happy Valentine's, everyone.