Jacob Greenberg

Sunday, December 24, 2006

...where moonlight holds court

Back from an intensely inspiring trip to San Francisco. For nearly a week I lodged with my friend the incredible sound editor and musician J. White, who was patient with me to a fault. Damn, that salad with fresh crab at the Embarcadero was good. Whoa, that hike through Muir Woods was beautiful. I also got some work done; my new piece is taking shape, and I'll be able to offer a preview at an ICE-sponsored solo event at Smith College in February.

On that same program I'll be playing some Beethoven (the weird, shape-shifting F major variations, op. 34), and some Debussy. All through the week in the Bay area I was listening to and feeling through the second book of Debussy Preludes, which now, too, are very present in my mind every day. For the February concert I'll be playing three of them, including the breathtaking "le terrasse des audiences du claire de lune" (the balcony where moonlight holds court). I'm certain I'll forever associate it with riding the streetcar down Market Street.