Jacob Greenberg

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Gliding, not grinding, to a halt

A piece of good news--I'll be recording some solo pieces by George Crumb for Bridge Records in the spring. This will "fill out" ICE's all-Crumb CD, to be released most likely by next summer.

The weekend was lovely. I've been enjoying the good weather in Buffalo and also in the city. For me the semester is losing some momentum, a good thing, though I realize my position is a privileged one--on the other end of things my students are stressing out. They have a recital tomorrow afternoon.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


The semester in Buffalo is winding down. My last lecture on Brahms covers the late opuses and the little-known Busoni transcriptions of op. 122--the organ chorale preludes. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving with my brother's family and time over the holiday to practice.

I find I need to use my vacations to learn notes--otherwise there's just such little time during the semester. So here's what I have to look forward to this Thanksgiving: Ives. Messiaen. Julio Estrada. Debussy. Things could be much worse.

The monologue-with-music that I've been writing is taking shape, and I'm sure I'll find inspiration in New York over the holiday. What's it about, you ask? Regret, loss, gay men in Brooklyn, canoeing in the the Adirondacks. Among other things.