Jacob Greenberg

Friday, September 08, 2006

The weeks ahead, and the one just behind

Earlier this week ICE recorded two major chamber pieces by George Crumb, with the composer present. George is truly the most wonderful, generous guy one could ever hope to work with, and Bridge Records treats him with love.

The school year in Buffalo is well under way now, and I'm looking forward to performances coming up here, including a piece by the Dutch composer Jacob ter Veldhuis for cello, piano, and boombox, which uses as source material the last recorded interview with Chet Baker. My great colleague Jonathan Golove will be on cello. My class has started out well--it's a joy to talk about Schumann for two hours at a stretch.

ICEfest Chicago starts on the 12th--seven programs over a week, each in a different hot Chicago bar. The pianofest on the 17th includes two world premieres for piano eight- and ten-hands!

Also, a shout-out to Cary on his birthday just past.